You tell yourself that your issues aren't real and that you're insulting people with [[real problems]].\n<<set $real = "yes">>
You can [[ignore it]] or [[pretend it doesn't exist]] or [[think about something else]] or [[make posts on your blog claiming it's not a real thing]] or [[try to convince yourself you're wrong]].\n\n<<if $blog eq "yes" and $real eq "yes" and $distract eq "yes" and $imagination eq "yes" and $ignore eq "yes">>Or you can [[think about it]].<<endif>>
[[It's not easy]].
You have [[gender dysphoria]].
The End.\n\n(Made by [[this person|]])\n
Turns out screaming lies into the void [[doesn't help anything|gender dysphoria]].
You make a passive aggressive post where you say how funny it is that you're a cisgender person [[who desperately wishes they had different genitals sometimes]].\n<<set $blog = "yes">>
[[There are days where you hate your body]].
[[You were diagnosed with clinical depression two years ago]].
You watch TV and read books and play games but they [[don't help]].\n<<set $distract = "yes">>
You try to just ignore it entirely, but it turns out that [[doesn't work]].\n<<set $ignore = "yes">>
You tell yourself it's [[just your imagination]].\n<<set $imagination = "yes">>
Some Days
It turns out no matter how hard you try to focus on someone else's situation, yours [[still exists|gender dysphoria]].
[[When you wish you were anyone else]].
Which, all things considered, [[is a pretty funny thing to imagine|gender dysphoria]].
You aren't sure what those are but [[you're still sad|gender dysphoria]].
The problem is, [[it doesn't ignore you|gender dysphoria]].
[[And you're happy]].
[[It turns out it's a lot easier, actually]].
[[But days like these come where you no longer hate and fear yourself]].
[[In fact, some days are even happy]].
[[But it gets a lot easier in time]].